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After spending 15 years in a semi-fog of cigarettes and booze, (having the time of my life btw :)), the arrival of my 30th birthday found me on a beach in Magnetic Island, Australia reading Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking as a bet to my then boyfriend. He had read it and quit smoking 6 months prior with an ease that was not natural.

The deal was I would read the book and it would not work for me, I would still enjoy smoking. Oh boy, was I wrong, 2 chapters in I turned to him and said "I am going to quit now, aren't I ?" he replied, "only if you finish the book". I did, and I did. 

Fast forward 14 years later of my "wellbeing journey " (WoW that sounds so lame :)) and there have been many things in my life that I used to do every day and now do not do and vice versa - things I have would never have thought I would do and yet are now part of my daily and weekly routines. 

I have learned a few things and wasted time on many more which has lead me to create a bit of a guide that I thought instead of having it my notebooks at home I would share and learn a few more things, maybe even help a few peeps along the way and just see what happens. 


Queen Maeve v2


For me, it all starts with energy, tuning in every morning and regularly throughout the day to how I am feeling. Is the environment I am in draining me or re-energising me? Am I vibrating at a high or low energy. Am I hungry?


To help me with my energy levels I regularly practise the following:

Meditation          Energy Medicine         Hypnosis           EFT Tapping


Next up if you don't have good health you can't do anything well. I like to try and eat clean, non-processed and organic foods as much as possible - 80-95%. I am no angel and like a treat. Also, I like to use mainly natural products on my skin and hair, again not 100% but over 75%. Under health I am including clothes, if I like how I look I usually feel better too.

Things that help me feel good are:

Coconut Oil       Super Greens         Weights           Leggings

Starting with yourself. It took me waaaaay too long to learn to love myself (now my sister says I am overdoing it :) - as if). Spending time with your family and friends before you meet that special person - or maybe you have a few good relationships in your life, but I have found being happy in my own company is working so far.

People who have written great books & blogs that have helped me are:

Gala Darling      Joseph Clough     Meg Jay        Brene Brown

My Dad always says if you are not having fun there is no point. Life is so short and if you are not doing what you love for most of the day it can make you unhappy & resentful. Perhaps you are in a job you don't love but the money is great so you can afford the things you like to have in your personal life - imagine having both?

Things I like to do for fun:

Coaching      Kite Surfing      Mosaics      Brunch 

My number one thing I love to do for myself is to make things, I get such satisfaction from spending time making a necklace, blog post, painting etc. and standing back and seeing my work. I'm always trying new things.

Here are a few ways I found to unleash my creativity.

Evening Classes     Weekend Workshops     Talks    Online Tutorials

No point having an amazing life if you are not going to share some time, your knowledge, yourself or your love with another person and or the world. I've always been a huge believer in "fix your own oxygen mask first" when it comes to helping others. It is ok to put yourself first, then when you are ready you can share yourself, your ideas etc. with others.

Ways I share


When I was a kid I used to read a lot, over the years I have had not made reading a priority and it was frustrating me. Cannot believe it has taken me until this year to get into listening to books instead of reading them. Absolutely hooked now on listening while cleaning the house or on a plane. 

Apps I use:-

Audible    Blinkist     Podcasts   Ted Talks 

Purpose and Freedom are strongly linked for me in the area of work, over the years to more I focus on what I am good at doing this has given me a reason to be in the world which in turn has given me more freedom.


My purpose . . .

To help others be happy . . . finding my purpose in every situation every day.

I want to do what I love when I love to do it and with the people, I love to be with - not too much to ask - is it? I truly believe there has never been a better time to live a life you love if you want to run a business making coats for squirrels you can build a website and find your audience online.

My freedom . . . 

Independence  Travelling by myself    Making myself happy



You can make your own Life.Style Blue.Print by downloading and printing off the workbook below . . .

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