Coaching with Clodagh

Over the past few years, I have informally mentored many friends and colleagues to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. A close friend even gave me the nickname "Cloprah". Every time I would have a chat and help someone get unstuck. In my day job I am a Coach & Consultant for Digital Agency owners with Growit Group. I also am on the team of coaches with Valor Performance

To learn more about me and see if you would like to work with me you can read more here - About Me or check out my Linkedin Profile - Clodagh S.Higgins.

I have had many successes and made many mistakes in my personal and professional life and I am here committed to working with you to help coach you to help you in your career, with your relationships to live the life you deserve.

How it works . . .

1. I send you a questionnaire and Life.Style Design map to complete.

2. We book a 90 minute goal setting call and set the next call. We break down the tasks you need to accomplish between now and our next call.

3. One hour call every two weeks across the 90 days to review your progress and plan the next two weeks.

4. Access to me on Slack in between to answer questions if you get stuck.

5. Review our progress and assess goals, plans & tasks.

6. Celebrate the wins.

9 Steps towards the Life.Style you really want


 €200 for 3 x 60 minute sessions

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