Life.Style Coaching

Over the past few years, I have informally mentored many friends and colleagues to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. 

One close friend even gave me the nickname "Cloprah". Every time I would have a chat and help someone get unstuck I was always told I should do mentoring professionally . . . viola . . . here I am offering Life Coaching.

To learn more about me and see if you would like to work with me you can read more here - About Me


9 Steps towards the Life.Style you really want

How it works

Fill in the form below and I will send you a questionnaire asking you questions about . . . 

Where are you stuck?

What would you like to achieve in the near and long-term future?

Where you get your energy from?

How are you taking care of your health?

Are you happy with your love life?

What do you do for fun?

When do you feel most creative?

How often do you get to share with others?

What do you listen to regularly?

Do you have a purpose?

Do you feel trapped or on a path to freedom?

The first session is €199 for 90 minutes online. 

A session pack is €695 for 5 x 60 minutes of online coaching calls (one to two weeks apart).

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