About me

In 2012 I returned home to Ireland after 12 years in Australia I shut down all my personal social media accounts to give myself some space and time to adjust & heal. For the first six months, I was mainly in my hometown of Sligo and I spent a lot of time looking up to Queen Meabh - The Warrior Queen who is buried at the top of Knocknarea. she gave me strength and inspiration.

After some time of being offline I missed the creativity of following artists online and I wanted to share fun images of my every expanding leggings collection along with any photos I take along my travels, so the idea of creating a social media persona that was not me came about - Queen Maeve v2.

Starting with Instagram my pictures slowly grew beyond leggings & sunglasses in lifts to fitness videos, travel photos, creative inspirations and then food ideas. I was really enjoying what was happening and behind the iPhone I was spending a lot of time focusing on my own health and wellbeing, then the idea of creating a blog was born.

In the past, I have owned a Digital Agency and today I coach Digital Agency owners on how to improve their businesses, I am building a new wearable art business called Isleen and working on establishing a creative retreat in the West of Ireland - Isleen Cottage. You can learn more on my Linkedin Profile 

In 2015 I started competing in Powerlifting because I can bench a good weight for a chick my age and weight. This lead me to competing for my country in the World Championships in the USA. Today I have a National Bench Press record of 65.5kg and a World Strict Curl Record of 32.5kg. Through the sport and my years of business coaching I am now a performance coach with Valor Performance where using the industry's first digital learning & coaching platform we focus on igniting and sustaining peak performance for professionals, managers and executives.

I have studied NLP in Australia, have over 24 years of business experience in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship too.

Hope you would like to work with me drop me a line or you can get the Sphere App and check out my profile here


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