Clean Eating - Staying on track while travelling

Queen Maeve

Posted on January 11 2016

This latest trip to Boston is my 6th in 2 and a half years and about my 25th overall since I my first trip to San Francisco in 1996.
My diet is relatively clean, I prefer non-processed foods and as little sugar as possible so when I visit America I need to plan ahead if I want to stay on track of my health goals which this year is entering Powerlifting competitions and Crossfit competitions.
My weakness is not chocolate or fried food, its wine or cider or spirits - I love a drink.
Being a regular drinker is not somebody I want to be anymore, I like being sober for long periods of time and what I have figured out that helps me stay on the straight and narrow is having a clean diet.
When I eat well, drink lots of water, I sleep well, I exercise better and I do not crave a drink. Its easy for me to say no. This year having a competition in the diary too works great for me as a response to "sure have a drink" I can not respond " I can't I am in a
competition in a few weeks and I am in training" :) I love it. 
Here is how I get organised to eat clean(ish) when I travel:
Utensils to bring
Stick Blender
Shaker (that the stick blender can fit into)
Glass water bottle
Plastic Bowl
Tuberware Container with a lid
Sealable Freezer Bags
Protein Powder
Miso Soup Packets
Supplements (Charcoal, Omega 3, Vitamin D, 
Dark Chocolate
Health Bars
When I arrive I get to the nearest grocery store (if in the U.S. I aim for Wholefoods) and I buy:
Coconut Water
Nut Milk (low sugar)
Greek Yoghurt (watch the sugar levels)
Cooked Chicken Breasts (I pop these in the mini-bar)
Couple of salad Boxes
Now I can have a good juice in the morning of coconut water, berries & super greens. 
Go do a workout then have either oats/nutmilk & banana afterwards or make a protein smoothie.
In the tuberware box I pack a chicken breast salad in case there are no healthy options for lunch.
Generally I try to have a good start to the day and then just relax about dinner - choose steak/lamb and vegetables with no sauces and then I am pretty set.

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