My first two weeks in Oslo

Queen Maeve

Posted on April 23 2017

Back to work it was for me on the 10th of April after over 5 weeks galavanting around Sligo, Cork, Wicklow & Fuerteventura - it was great. You can read more about those adventures here.

On Sunday the 9th took a 9.30 flight with Norwegian Airlines direct to Oslo and my first impression I had when I got off the plane, as I walked to baggage claim on the wooden floors was "pure class". Direct train to the Central Station was clean and quick. From there I walked to my Airbnb home for the next 13 days. 



Dropped off the bags and my first two priorities were food and a gym. Across a walk bridge I found Elixia who have branches all around Scandinavia, seeing as I will be working in the Nordics this year I thought it was a good option. Huge facility with all the essentials I needed to start my new Powerlifting program - I am spending a month focusing on all three lifts, deadlift, squats & bench.


Next was food, I was just focused on getting breakfast sorted as I knew I would be in an area the next day for lunch and I could sort out dinner too. Near the apartment there was a lot of restaurants so I fuelled up on a large Turkish lamb dinner and had yoghurt and berries at home for desert. 


The kitchen in the apartment was small and I was not in the humour for meal prep, so through one of my Crossfit buddies I found a fantastic place called Mind the Body who do prepared meals with calories and fuel type recommendations on them - it was a life saver.


Because I was in Oslo before Paske also known as "The Easter" I got to find out first hand how seriously the Norwegians take their holidays. The week before, the city was a ghost town. It was so nice to be in a country that actually prioritises time with family and holidays. Most people head off to cabins in the mountains. 

Monday morning I kicked off my new gym program with deadlifts, I just knew they were too light and I was wishing I had gone heavier, a strategy I was glad I didn't do because by the weekend, after a squat session on Friday I could barely walk up a set of stairs.


We worked from our temporary office space on Monday and Tuesday then from there on I was working at the apartment. I finally got round to start working on updating my HubSpot Certifications and reading. The weather was super cold and I was not in the mood for sightseeing the city this trip. My colleagues promised that soon the place would be much greener and busier. So I just chilled out over "The Easter" - it was really nice.

The Norwegians are so friendly and everyone I met spoke fantastic English. I did learn a few words and I am sure over the coming months I will learn more. I am looking forward to enjoying the long summer evenings with new friends. Onwards to Copenhagen and then Arrhus in Denmark, for a workshop and more time with my new team.

See ya layder,


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